Articles on Local History

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Each informative, history-packed story shares first-person accounts relating to Carpinteria's  interesting and unique cultural heritage, covering many aspects of life and business in our beautiful and agriculturally rich coastal valley.  From school days and summers at the beach to working the farms, packing houses, and small businesses downtown to dates at the local theatre and trips to the backcountry. Carpinterians growing-up here from the 1930s to the 1970s have shared their stories with our newsletter team to paint a picture of small-town life during that time.  Enjoy!

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The Historic Franklin Trail:  Early Adventures in the Backcountry 

Part I; Part II; Part III.

Carpinteria's Okies, Arkies, and Texans

Remembering the Del Mar Theater and Beyond

Part I; Part II.

Back When They Were Service Stations:  Carpinteria Gas Stations 1920s-1970s.

Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV.

Springs of Pitch: The Asphalt Deposits of the Carpinteria Valley​

Part I; Part II.

School Days:

Part I-Aliso 1947-1954;

Part II-From Aliso to Canalino & Main 1930s-1960s

Part III-Carpinteria High School 1929-1965

Part IV- Carpinteria High School 1948-1960s

Bailard Family Memories

Reg's Bait & Tackle Shop

Ada Lescher's Diary 1893-1896

Part I; Part II; Part III;

Part IV;  Part V;  Part VI;

Part VII; Part VIII.

Carpinteria Beach & the Beach Store-1940s-1960s

The Russell Cup: California's Oldest High School Track Meet

Part I;  Part II.

We will continue to add stories from Carpinteria's past; check back here regularly for new articles!!